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Benefits to Installing Floor Decals in Your Business

Decals are a great way to grab your customers' attention, especially in out-of-home marketing applications.

Decals are agreat way to grab your customers' attention, especially in out-of-homemarketing applications. Out-of-home marketing means any advertisements or messages your customers see while they're out and about - radio ads, billboards, and promotional signs. While billboards, banners, and sidewalk signs can be great for helping customers find your front door, what's next? How do you keep customers' attention and point them in the right direction? Decals are the answer.   

Decals aregrowing in popularity. This growth in usage may be in part to new developmentsin materials that sign companies can use to get the message across while maintaining a high level of durability in high-traffic areas. Custom floor decals for your business are removable and easy to maintain. Most decal and sign companies can cleverly incorporate the underutilized floor space of your business to sell and promotefeatured products, upcoming deals, or popular items.   

An obviouschoice for custom floor decals is supermarkets, convenience stores, and big boxwarehouse and hardware stores. Additionally, car dealerships and financial institutions could benefit from using decals to direct the customer's attention exactly where it needs to go. In these types of locations, decals can introduce customers to new products or remind them about popular top-selling brands.Decals can also let customers know which items are on sale or how long a specific promotion might last. Decals are often used in retail settings, pointing customers toward seasonal items or showing that more merchandise is right around the corner. Truly, when it comes to decals, their many uses makethem a smart choice for any business owner. Plus, many sign companies offer window or wall decals in addition to custom floor decals, multiplying the ways decals can help improve sales.   

With decals,modern designs and bright colors catch the customer's eye, so the more creativeyou can be with your decal, the better. Many sign companies allow you to upload your own artwork for a decal or to customize your own design with the help of the sign company's staff. This way, your decals can be in line with your company's brand standards but still stand out from other store signage.     

A great quality about decals is that they're a fun advertisement in an unlikely place.Everyone sees signs on shelves and on walls. After seeing enough signs, customers start to ignore them! So decals can really make a difference in how you reach your target audience and drive them to take action. Decals can beindoors or outdoors, and can go in interesting places like parking lots and sidewalks leading up to a store entrance.   

Business owners may first and foremost be in the business of selling their goods andservices, but don't forget that you're also in the marketing and promotions business. With clever promotions and advertisements throughout your place of business, you're getting customers' attention at a crucial time - when they're about to buy. 

Decals help provide that extra push many customers need in order to find just the right item. Decals help create a lively store atmosphere and an enriched shopping experience. When your store decor is bland, how do you expect your customers to feel? Providing compelling promotional graphics through the strategic use of decals is a great way to make customers feel empowered to make a buying decision.   

Decals arealso helpful in marketing because they allow for multiple communicationtouchpoints between the customer and your business. Depending on what type of advertising your company is doing - perhaps the customer saw a tv ad, heard something on the radio, or received a flyer in the mail about your business -in-store displays and decals help drive all of this messaging home for the customer, whether or not they consciously realize this. Decals in your store that echo a flyer your customer received in the mail or an email they read that morning will help your business in so many ways. First, this helps build yourbrand image. Second, decals combined with other types of marketing help establish trust with your customers and solidify you as an expert in your business.   

Experientialmarketing and branding means that you're creating an environment that thecustomer experiences when they interact with your company. Decals help build these marketing experiences for customers in a way that other advertising mediums can't. Decals are different - they're on the floor, on glass doorways, on walls, and on sidewalks and parking lots. Decals are a part of the shoppingexperience for your customers, and rather than compete with all the other advertisements that customers see, decals provide a subtle or not-so-subtle hint to the customer in an interesting way. If you're wondering if decals might work for your business, reach out to your local sign company today. 

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